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Ostari Couture specializes in creating custom handcrafted wearable art. If you would like a one of a kind garment, or look or need a dress Alteration/ hemmed please contact Kari.


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Recent Works

VENETIAN Inspired Couture Masks

Ancient Remains of Oceana

What was once the prized possessions of a thriving civilization has now become distant, aged and worn artifacts lost to the sea. As an artist I have always been drawn to the beauty of the ocean and storytelling. The way organisms live and thrive in the deep, the way the tides rise and fall is beautiful and gives me the inspiration to visualize and tell adventurous tales through design. these masks serve as ancient artifacts that were once worn by rulers of the deep. The cracks show the ancient history of how a great civilization named Oceana lived and that life itself still thrives within the tiny barnacles, sea creatures and coralite which now call theses masks their home.


Deep in the ocean lived an ancient civilization ruled by Queen Crinoidea, meaning feather star. She was a gentle and kindhearted ruler with a love of all organisms big and small. she once graced thousands with her elegant presence by floating effortlessly in her environment. Crinoidea was not only Queen but a healer who fell madly in love with a wounded lionfish named Pterois. something about him made her believe that together they could rule side by side aiding and protecting Oceana, which they did for many centuries. Her mask holds the remnants of her royal attire and is made up of several materials including specialty fabric, shells, hand beaded couture feather star/coral elements, paint, and signature barnacles.

REcently I created two venetian inspired masks for an up and coming charity event October 24th, 2019. I wanted to stay as true to Venetian handmade masks as possible while also adding my own sculptural designs. these masks will be auctioned off the night of the event with All Proceeds benefit Whitington Homes & Services


“Legend tells of a fierce soldier who once ruled Oceana, known as Pterois meaning lionfish. He was valiant and fought many battles, with his soul purpose being to defend and protect his people. A great war broke out and he was badly injured. the healer at the time was a gentle kindhearted feather star named Crinoidea. He was captivated by her gentle spirit and kind heart to save his life. once fully healed he asked Crinoidea for her hand. This partnership opened his heart to seeking justice and peace for their kingdom. His mask serves as the remains of his royal attire and is made up of several materials including specialty fabric, shells, hand beaded couture coral and feather star elements, Druzy, paint, barnacles ans finished off with peacock feathers.

Ostari Couture Coral Clutch

Artisan made and handcrafted wearable art.

This new series merges my love of fine art and fashion design aesthetic together.

Made with 100% re-purposed materials including canvas, decorative fabrics, and zippers. Designed like an envelope but with artistry and functionality in mind. The interior can fit a standard 8 1/4in x 5in moleskine sketch journal. Great for artists on the go. The backside features a small zipper that can store drawing materials, small paint pallet, wallet, essentials.

Each one of these is a one of a kind work and are great for artisans, fashionistas and travelers studying/going abroad.



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