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Ostari Couture specializes in creating custom handcrafted wearable art. If you would like a one of a kind garment, or look or need a dress Alteration/ hemmed please contact Kari.


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Fort Wayne IN

Ostari Couture Critters

handcrafted and sewn plush animal toys

Humpback Whales

Humpback Whales

Mamma & Baby Humpback Whales

I first started creating these humpback whales as a gift for one of my best friend's daughter. It was her 1st birthday and I wanted to give her something unique and memorable. I decided to recycle a pair of my boyfriends old jeans and drafted out a pattern. As I started sewing the whales they began to take on a whole new meaning for me. I've always been fascinated by nature, I used to live in North Carolina and I loved walking along the beach and swimming in the ocean. I received a lot of positive feedback from friends and family so I thought it would be a great idea to start making these plush toys for more families to enjoy.

These whales are perfect for all ages including baby arrivals,  young children and adults. 

I designed them to have multiple purposes. The whales can function as a baby mobile for a newborn.  Then once the child turns one, the parents can gift the whales as their present :).

 For the nautical lovers the whales can serve as more decorative & entertaining. being hung in the household as art  decor.

My hope is to enlighten people and children about the importance of wildlife and the beauties our oceans house , while also recycling and finding ways to repurpose material that would otherwise be thrown away. 


 Daddy Sea Horse & Babies

The Newest addition to Ostari Couture Critters, one of my earliest oil paintings I created  titled, Dancing Lovers helped inspire these guys. Animals are magnificent creatures!  The mamma seahorse transfers her eggs into the daddy's pouch to house them and once they are a little bit developed he gives live birth! 

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