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Ostari Couture specializes in creating custom handcrafted wearable art. If you would like a one of a kind garment, or look or need a dress Alteration/ hemmed please contact Kari.


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Fort Wayne IN

G2G Jewelry/Metal Couture

Jewelry, fashion accessories and metal couture designed and hand crafted by Ron Ostlund Jr.

"From Gothic to Glamorous, it's all beautiful" 

I specialize in using scrap metal and transforming it into fashionable and wearable art pieces.  Be it jewelry or a metal bra/bikini top it is all highly functional and beautiful.  My work brings new meaning to eco fashion, or trash fashion!  I pride myself on being able to take a material like scrap metal and turn it into a desirable piece of functional fashion.  About 90% of my materials are locally sourced from many different locations.  From scrap yards, engraving shops, and factories, to trash piles and gifts of garbage I give waste material a glamorous new life!  Keep watch for new designs and special sales!