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Ostari Couture specializes in creating custom handcrafted wearable art. If you would like a one of a kind garment, or look or need a dress Alteration/ hemmed please contact Kari.


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Fort Wayne IN

Stay tuned for this blog space for updates and to learn about projects.

Stay tuned to this blog space for updates and projects 

A time for Resurrection~Rebirth

Kari Larsen

Since beginning Ostari Couture 4 years ago, so many wonderful memories have been made through creating. Having a Fine Arts background has helped me evolve my art to reach new heights and mediums with the Ostari Couture Critters, bridal accessories and wearable art. I'm constantly learning that our education doesn't end after college, there is so much to learn and appreciate. Sometimes you need to step back and strengthen your skills, find healthier ways and keep moving forward. Make connections, pursue your passions and only time will tell where it may lead. That being said, I encourage you all whether you're just starting out or have been stuck in a rut to keep persisting, keep creating and continue to motivate each other.