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Ostari Couture specializes in creating custom handcrafted wearable art. If you would like a one of a kind garment, or look or need a dress Alteration/ hemmed please contact Kari.


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Fort Wayne IN

Stay tuned for this blog space for updates and to learn about projects.

Stay tuned to this blog space for updates and projects 

Busy Bee October!

Kari Larsen

Between the end of september and beginning of october I  have been a bustling busy bee. A few projects I've been working on are ostari couture critters and most recently finished a commission bridal hair accessory for Kate :) her accessory turned out beautifully and her wedding is this saturday! I have a few whales started too. So far I have 3 grey pairs, 2 blue and miraculously found more orange denim at goodwill so more foxes will be constructed too. A family friend was kind enough to donate all of her old pairs of jeans she had been collecting for years to me to help kick start creating my critters I am extremely thankful to her and her family! Denim has been a crazy textile to work with but when its aged and worn it has a beauty to it that brings life into the whales.